KYC Scoring

100% Salesforce Native KYC Scoring Engine.

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A Better KYC
Scoring Solution.

Being KYC experts, we understand the needs of KYC compliance, and we believe in faster, better, cheaper KYC solutions that deliver better technical and customer capabilities and experience than banks or financial institutions require, but at a fraction of the time and cost.

Built using
Salesforce Platform

Native to Salesforce, the KYC Scoring Engine smartly leverages the platform to provide you with native user experience, minimum setup and maximum security - all at the same time!

Smartly Coded
& Built

Out of the box the KYC Engine already provides ready to go functionality, yet, we understand the complexities of KYC, so everything is built from the ground up to allow for tailoring to individual needs.


100% Salesforce native

Enjoy the ultimate piece of mind

The most secure solution possible...


It's the most secure...

  • Data never leaves the platform
  • No external integrations
  • No downloads, uploads or plugins required ever
Ready to go

Zero click installation provides 20+ out of the box pre-configured risk factors.

Out of the box

is ready to go with

  • 20+ risk factors
  • ready to go reports, dashboards
  • Naturally extends any salesforce setup
Easy to configure

Everything is configurable using salesforce native UI and User Experience

Completely Configurable

Use the native Salesforce UI / UX to

  • Add/remove out of the box risk factors
  • Add Unlimited custom risk factors
  • Configure different Scoring models and Algorithms

Get started in under a few minutes

and see for yourself

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It's completely free to download and install. No external integrations necessary or dependencies are required


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Congratulations! You have basic KYC Scoring running. Feel free to customize it to your needs.

Available Editions

Features Basic Advanced Custom
Risk Scoring Features
Out of the box risk factor configurations 18 22 22
Out of the box risk factors data point options 600 3400+ 3400+
Change History for assessments and triggers
Configurable risk factor values, weights, scores
Unlimited additional risk factors
Configurable sources for risk factors
Enabling / Disabling Risk Factors based on Customer Types +
Ability to score prospects using API +
Retroactive scoring of "Legacy" Customers +
Customizing KYC Monitoring by Customer Lifecycle (Prospect vs Customer) +
Algorithms Supported
Static Weight Allocation Algorithm +
Dynamic Weight Allocation Algorithm +
Custom Weight Allocation Algorithm +
Rules Engine Features
Lookup based rules (present or not)
Comparisons (equal to, less than, between, contains) look ups, dates or numeric values
Scoring rules using averages, max, min, sums within categories
Any Other Custom Rules
Configuration Options
Adjustable Periodic review ranges
Adjustable Rating ranges based on scores
Adjustable Score Alerts Thresholds
Adjustable Rating Increase/Decrease Alert Thresholds
Ability to assess Controlling Roles Only
Adjustable account open ranges
Ability to assess Related Parties
Risk Portfolio Monitoring
Auto reassessments on Risk Model Changes
Auto reassessments on Customer Info Changes
Scheduled Periodic Reviews based on customer risks
Case Management
Manage High Score Alerts
Manage Major Rating Increase
Manage Major Rating Decrease
Dashboards and Reports
Basic administrative dashboards and reports
Ability to build custom dashboards and reports
Enhanced pre-built dashboards and reports

Editions and Pricing



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  • Basic Features

  • Advanced Features

  • Custom tailered Features




    • Unlimited Users

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    • Custom tailored Features

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